Engagent revolutionises the ways to interact with users, thanks to support provided in both human and virtual modes, the integration with systems existing within the company and the governance of business processes. 

Engagent allows businesses to communicate with the users via a chatbox that can be easily integrated on their own professional website, Mobile app or Facebook page. Owing to our technologies, Engagent is able to improve both the customer service and the customer experience, reduce the costs incurred by providing the service and integrate itself within the company’s processes.

The innovation introduced by Engagent is called Hybrid Digital Support, a proprietary technology that allows businesses to make an accurate choice of the type of resource to use during the interaction with the user, in order to optimize its use both in terms of costs and efficiency.

Engagent is not only a multichannel chat software platform; it also works alongside the support team providing the efficiency of a virtual operator, able to establish a dialogue with users, thanks to its own Natural Language Processing engine (NLP Engine). Engagent makes the best use possible of virtual assistance to solve in self-service mode the most frequent and easier to solve user requests, and to use human resources only when necessary and when the presence of an operator in the dialogue between brand and user is required. It is also able to extend the support service to 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, working in self-service mode and providing support also during out-of-office hours, reducing support costs (in particular those generated by first-line support) and making the best use possible of human resources employed in user support.


Both during the dialogue with the virtual operator and that with the human operator, Engagent can share with the user textual information, links, videos, files and fully personalised contents, html or call-to-action, which have been created ad-hoc.

The platform can be entirely aligned to the company’s business: using one of its components, the authoring tool, it is possible to define behavioural and dialogue rules which fully comply to the business’ DNA, such as calls-to-action that are specific and linked to the creation of new opportunities. Through the Chat, for example, it is possible to activate services, guide the user through purchasing processes, obtain quotes and carry on operations that have strong links with the business, without the need for intervention by the operator.

Hence, it is not only an innovative solution for customer service, but also an instrument able to create opportunities that are fully aligned with the business. Therefore, Engagent is also a Virtual Vendor, a one-to-one marketing instrument and an automated lead generator that, according to the user’s navigation within the website or to the information provided by other of the company’s systems, is able to autonomously suggest entirely personalised business initiatives.

Available both in cloud and on-premise version, Engagent already speaks more than 10 languages.

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