Solutions forChannel Governance


We provide solutions for a more streamlined and effective governance of multi-channel technologies involved in the dialogue with the user. Because we strongly believe in a technology that simplifies and enhances any business process.

Thanks to Braininteractive data, both the processes and business dynamics involved in the dialogue with the user are controlled through a single application able to design dialogue dynamics at high-level, to ensure that IT infrastructures communicate (even though not in synchronised manner) and to significantly reduce costs associated with their management.


Braininteractive allows those involved in the governance of infrastructures to control them through a flow designer, while minimizing development and customization activities and being able to rely on a platform that allows changing the dynamics and the logic of the dialogue with users in no time. It will be created a situation where business logics are not bound to implementation or development timeframes.


The peculiarity of Braininteractive consists in the governance of all channels at a higher level, using specific connectors for the dialogue with all the infrastructures and controlling therefore the behavior and usage of channels through the design of processes of interaction with both the user and with back office systems (CRM, ERP, etc.)