Solutions forSelf Service


If applied properly, Customer Care provided through Self-Service mode can be a business strategy aimed at improving the customer experience and at achieving a significant reduction of the costs sustained by the business

Braininteractive platform has been created to apply the most important customer care strategies in self-service mode, through a system which is able to control the communication with the user via cross-channels.

Braininteractive controls the dynamics of the dialogue with the user through Authoring Tool, which edits the interaction and business processes. This way, the business has full control on the dialogue with its users without the need for human intervention. NLP Engine allows to communicate with the user through multiple channels; it is H-Care’s software that is used to understand natural speech whilst communicating with the user. NLP Engine uses a Knowledge Base of contents that is managed with NLP Engine Modeller. These technologies, all used together, allow the business to integrate an intelligent communication system in self-service mode.

Communication Modes


Human Digital Assistant: A digital assistant with a human-like face who is able to answer questions from the user, making use of its ability to interpret natural speech and to correctly identify the contents to be associated with the question received.

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Virtual Chat: The same technological structure used by Human Digital Assistant, applied in Chat mode. The user is able to ask questions to the virtual operator through a dialogue on a chat which is integrated on the website.


IVR Channel: Intelligent IVR is able to easily control IVR processes, integrating speech recognition with Back-office systems, achieving a proactive and predictive dialogue.

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SMS Channel: the dialogue with the user can be established also via SMS channel. Braininteractive is able to recognise the user and the content of the message and to apply dialogue diagrams, in order to activate services, create support tickets, apply CSI and Survey, or to request other services.

Benefits of a Self-Service system

The main benefits of integrating a Customer Case system in Self-Service mode extend to both users and the business. As shown in the following diagram, the costs (shown in USD) of managing an interaction with the user vary according to the channel used and to the amount of business’ resources needed to provide the Customer Care service.

As shown in the diagram (source: Forrester) Self-Service is the mode with a cost/interaction below 1 Dollar.

With the same investment, this mode is therefore able to serve more users. On the other side, for the same number of users, support costs are significantly lower than those generated by traditional methods.


Should Self-Service take the place of the traditional support service?

Absolutely not. Currently, traditional support service cannot be substituted by any type of existing self-service methods. These can be used very efficiently in the following situations:

  • When the support team overwhelmed with requests
  • Excessively long waiting-times
  • During out-of-office hours
  • To activate the support service via communication channels that are different from those already in use
  • In order to communicate during predefined time periods or in limited geographical areas.
  • To cut costs of first-line support by forwarding communications to the most appropriate support team


Benefits for the user

The user enjoys both direct and indirect benefits. Direct benefits occur in the following situations:

  • Support service is offered 24/7
  • Support requests can be managed by the user autonomously
  • The engagement of the user with the brand is reinforced

To the above must be added the indirect benefits resulting from the improvements made by the organisation in relation to its support service. Activating multiple self-service functionalities, the queue of support requests is greatly reduced and the business is able to employ existing resources for second-line support.